Our Treatment Model

At OneCare Health we believe that people looking for help with their substance misuse, or addiction should be able to easily access the treatment services they need, hence our Continuum of Care Treatment Model. This is an integrated treatment model that incorporates several levels of care designed to ensure that patients have easy access to the appropriate level of care as guided by the ASAM Criteria.
As an organization we strongly hold that a Continuum of Care Treatment System is the most effective substance use disorders treatment model for service delivery particularly for rural communities which make majority of the areas that we serve. Continuum of care which is an orientation towards the principles of long term recovery and change, and seek to address the following problems associated with addiction treatment:

  • The lack of services and programs designed to assist people who are waiting for treatment admission, including interim housing for those waiting to enter residential treatment.
  • The lack of adequate outpatient treatment options that allows for patients to transition from residential to outpatient services or a primary intervention such as Detox/Withdrawal Management to higher level of care.
  • The lack of recovery housing, and stable supporting environments. People who cannot function independently risk losing their housing if there is no stable support and daily structure. And the traditional approaches to SUD treatment services are limited in providing a holistic treatment approach.

At OneCare Health, our goal is to grow as an agency into becoming a TRUE CONTINUUM OF CARE PROVIDER where we can provide our patients services that ranges from: Mobile Crisis services, to Non-Medical Withdrawal Management services, to Outpatient Therapy services, and to Enhanced Substance Abuse services. We are looking forward to our facilities being able receive persons in crisis, stabilize them through our Non-medical Withdrawal Management services, and ensure linkages to different treatment programs in our Continuum of Care.
“Continuum of Care” (CoC) is a treatment system in which an individual or patient enters treatment at a level/stage appropriate to his/her needs and then steps down to a lower or higher level of treatment based on his or her progress towards recovery.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to produce a gratifying, supportive and delightful working environment with competent and caring employees empowered to transfer this culture to our consumers. We are committed to providing the highest standard of mental health and substance abuse services possible to the many communities we serve. We will continuously seek ways to improve services and help persons served increase their level of independence.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a premier, comprehensive, values based health care system focused on the needs of people in the communities we serve in their pursuit of health, and wellbeing.